Xcell Carbo Active


Weight 600g



Xcell Carbo Active achieved a 77.5% proven result in the reduction of fatigue – this, an outcome of a University trial and test on performance enhancement and fatigue reducing drinks.

A refreshing drink that offers a unique formulation to provide a three-phase energy release for optimum performance and a stable glycaemic response.  Xcell Carbo Active’s blend of electrolytes, including the forgotten nutrient MSM ensure the removal of lactic acid from the muscles through a unique intra-cellular action to reduce muscle fatigue, soreness and cramps and to accelerate recovery both during and after vigorous exercise and activities.

Suitable as a long term energy drink that can be consumed before, during and after strenuous exercise.  Kosher, Halaal and Vegan friendly.


Features & Benefits:

  • 77.5% proven result in the reduction of fatigue.
  • Three-phase energy release
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Kosher, Halaal and Vegan friendly.


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